About KATE

Kate from the Good Work Collective went on a life changing journey to heal herself following a debilitating brain injury in 2008.  It was at this point, that Kate got a big bee in her bonnet after experiencing a disappointing traditional health care system; Which proved it had some serious lacking on far too many fronts for her liking.

Over and over, Kate tried various channels and each time she was frustrated with the result thinking “there must be another way!”

Kates dedication and unquestionable passion was born from a burning desire, coupled with a hell bent resolve, to not only recover…  But to not accept the “new state of normal” that Doctors kept suggesting was the reality for her, after suffering a brain injury of such magnitude.   

She was also told that the physical injuries and auto immune disease that had followed the accident like a ghost was meant to be accepted as part of her future. 

Albeit, this wasn't her first ride at the rodeo!... After a life-long list of illnesses, being overly susceptible to sickness, as well as injuries up the wazoo from a love of extreme sports.  Kate was well versed to the affects continuous pain and discomfort can cause.  The emotional trauma and the internal desperation without resolve, to pursue the magical action packed adult life she had dreamed of as a child.  It only made things worse that her body wouldn’t keep up with her activity rich bucket list.

For the next 8 years, Kate studied every holistic healing option she could find, this ranged from Kinesiology and Body Talk, Mindscape, Atua Healing, Personal Clearing, Aura Soma and New Zealand First Light Essences, finally through this journey Kate found the silver bullet she had always knew to exist and the Good Work Collective was born!

Good Work Collective is about creating something more simple, tailor made and meaningful to a person to bring balance to one’s life.

It sounds rather broad, but I assure you the banquet on offer is nothing short of colossal.  Our bodies are so intricate and special and just like with healing from physical or emotional pain, it also simultaneously strips another imperative part of us… So too, do so many other Medical offerings out there.  By no means should one ignore the science behind what doctors apply, however our venture is to work in unison with these practices, to ensure that the forgotten parts of you aren’t left to worsen. 

True healing, is when all portions of you are growing stronger and holistic restoration happens much faster this way.

Long story short, our very reason to exist is to help anyone.  Be it dealing with sports or reoccurring injuries.  Physical, mental, or emotional imbalances in your life, or just support with harmonizing one’s body to ensure that every facet of your internal machine is at its optimum setting.

At the Good Work Collective, we are passionate about working with quantum and energy medicine to bring about balance in the body and mind.   The result will be a calm energetic state, where you will get the most out of yourself and your beautiful life that follows.